The Book Of Coaching: For Extraordinary Coaches

This book is for YOU The coach who has so much to give, you wake up thinking about how to contribute The coach who wants to make a difference in the world and build an abundant life and business in the process The coach who wants to be than good More than great This book is for the coach who wants to be truly extraordinary This is not just a technical manual or a motivational manifesto This is not a book with vague theories and philosophies It s a practical, actionable guide you can come back to again and again It includes specific structures, techniques, and tools you can consistently use to establish your reputation as an extraordinary coach and create a highly successful coaching practice The Book of Coaching will show you how to Become an extraordinary coach using the exclusive, results driven, 3 phase approach You, Your Methodology and Your Business Create a thriving, profitable coaching business even if you re a brand new coach Implement simple but powerful personal and business strategies to get unstuck, crush fear, and consistently deliver transformational results for your clients Maximize your innate genius as a coach and get clear on your long term vision so you can rapidly grow a successful, abundant coaching business that lights you up Use powerful tools and methodologies that will elevate your coaching skills, and establish your expertise and reputation as an extraordinary coach d SO much
The Book Of Coaching For Extraordinary Coaches This book is for YOU The coach who has so much to give you wake up thinking about how to contribute The coach who wants to make a difference in the world and build an abundant life and business in th

  • Title: The Book Of Coaching: For Extraordinary Coaches
  • Author: Ajit Nawalkha
  • ISBN: 0999366505
  • Page: 377
  • Format:
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    1 thought on “The Book Of Coaching: For Extraordinary Coaches”

    1. What a great book, full of encouragement, wisdom, fun, stuff that I can apply today in my coaching business. It not only helps you to grow as a coach, but also helps you to grow your coaching business. What I love most about the book is the genuine tone. Neeta and Ajit are amazing coaches, who are happy to share what they have learned so far. I can totally recomment that book for coaches who are just getting started as well as for “old dogs, who would love to learn a new trick“.

    2. So much useful information and a ton of great references! The only thing that was bothering me was the constant mention of websites. I always went to my phone and searched for those websites and spent my time there. While most of them were indeed interesting it kept interrupting the readingflow.Maybe next time give a list with all URLs in the back of the book.

    3. Simple. Powerful. Encouraging. Refreshing. Totally badass.I'll be honest, I am tired of hearing people just repeating what they have heard some other teacher or guru say. And I am REALLY tired of so-called "experts" who talk the talk, but haven't ever walked the walk.Agit and Neeta are the real deal. They're living examples, expanding their own lives and coaching to higher and higher levels. They don't pretend to know it all, but they freely share what they have learned so far (as they continue [...]

    4. This book is a unique and refreshing "come on let's gather around as a tribe and talk about how to blow your coaching business the HELL UP!" I read this book from the "new" coach perspective where we tend to worry more about the "how?" of everything that distracts us from the "who am I?" and the "why in the world are we doing this in the first place?" which are much more powerful and pertinent questions we should be asking as we seek to grow ourselves, and subsequently our impact on our people w [...]

    5. The Book Coaching is THE book for new coaches. Use these tools and strategies to shape your practice and you will find yourself creating a greater impact with your clients. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

    6. My wife and I are just floored in disbelief of the content that is in this book. This is not just a one time read for us, it is the new step by step guide that we will be following for the next few years. It is about time that there is something available like this for our industry.

    7. This book is so FULL of great information for life coaches. I read through it quickly, but with a highlighter and kept stopping to look up online resources (of which there are many). I highly recommend this book to new coaches! This is a teaching book--a book of information that some schools don't teach about building your business, and includes chapters on how to be a fabulous coach Chapters include topics such as Becoming Extraordinary, Redefining Goals, Understanding Your Client, 10 Principle [...]

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