Batman Adventures: Mad Love Deluxe Edition-

Written and drawn by the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed Batman The Animated Series, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, this Batman one shot reveals the origins of Harley Quinn as she proves her love to the Joker by trying to eliminate the Dark Knight on her own BATMAN ADVENTURES MAD LOVE DELUXE EDITION collects the comics debut of Harley Quinn, one of the most popularand controversialcharacters in the DC Universe Now in a deluxe format with exclusive extras and bonus material, this new collection is a must have for Harley fans everywhere
Batman Adventures Mad Love Deluxe Edition Written and drawn by the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed Batman The Animated Series Paul Dini and Bruce Timm this Batman one shot reveals the origins of Harley Quinn as she proves her lo

  • Title: Batman Adventures: Mad Love Deluxe Edition-
  • Author: Paul Dini
  • ISBN: 1401255124
  • Page: 105
  • Format: reli
  • The Batman Adventures Mad Love The Batman Adventures Mad Love is a one shot comic book written by Paul Dini writer on Batman The Animated Series and Batman Beyond and Bruce Timm executive producer on The New Batman Superman Adventures and the co creator of Batman The Animated Series. The Batman Adventures Mad Love comic Read The Batman Harley Quinn and Joker try to ambush James Gordon at the dentist office but Batman gets the drop of them and even mocks Joker for being to predictable. The Batman Adventures Mad Love by Paul Dini Dec , Batman Adventures Mad Love is an original comics story drawn in the style of the popular animated series It s even put together by Paul Dini, a major force behind the animate The trend in superheroes of the late s was dark, grim, gritty, and not very kid friendly. Batman Adventures Mad Love Mad Love Issue Batman Adventures Mad Love Mad Love by liberty on January , Unless you Joker, You Just Have to Laugh.When I think of my favorite comics ever, this book is at the top of my list. batman adventures mad love eBay Find great deals on eBay for batman adventures mad love Shop with confidence. Batman Adventures Mad Love Video Jun , Batman has been captured by the hazardous Harley Quinn Chained and dangling over a tank of ravenous piranhas, how on Earth can the Dark Knight escape certain death The New Batman Adventures Mad Love TV Episode Jan , In terms of cartoons from the s, the only two that I really saw than one episode of was the Spiderman cartoon which was awful and X Men TAS which is very good within the realms of superhero cartoons. The Batman Adventures The Batman Adventures was a DC Comics comic book series featuring Batman.It is different from other Batman titles because it is set in the continuity and style of Batman The Animated Series, as opposed to the regular DC Universe Mad Hatter Batman The Animated Series Batman Wiki The Mad Hatter as he was later depicted in The New Batman Adventures. When the series was later redesigned, the Mad Hatter character design was radically changed Looking shorter and rat like, the Hatter was an albino, white haired man in green clothes.

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    1. Ce comic est cool et le vendeur aussi. J'aurai juste préféré le dessin de l'ancienne version je le trouve pas terrible celui-ci mais bon ca ne compte pas vu que je le savais. Donc rien à signaler l'encrage est ouf et le papier de qualité (je n'ai pas trop l'habitude de comics donc ce n'est pas l'avis non plus d'un expert mais le papier me semble verre glacé, il brille/flash, en tous cas la qualité papier est beaucoup mieux que celle utilisée sur Gotham Girls par exemple.)

    2. In reviewing this new Deluxe Edition of the venerable "Mad Love", I ruefully deduct two stars simply because the original collection this tale was first reprinted in still offers better value for money. This release ONLY includes the story "Mad Love", despite recycling the same cover art. (And has confusingly listed it in such a way that reviews for the original "Mad Love and Other Stories" and this "Mad Love Deluxe Edition" are all mashed together.) Fully half of this book is taken up wi [...]

    3. I'm a huge proponent of Harley Quinn comics and merchandise, and so is my boyfriend. I bought this for him alongside some other DC Comics memorabilia for his birthday and he absolutely ADORED it. This is a wonderful hardcover comic and it arrived in no less than amazing quality. The pages were sleek and high definition and there were no blemishes on the cover. I was a little worried that the manufacturer or the shipping company would damage the product, because you never want damaged memorabilia [...]

    4. If you're a Harley fan, this is definitely something you've got to have. This takes the view/style of "Batman: The Animated Series" (which is no surprise, since the writers/illustrators of that wrote/illustrated this as well) and really shapes who HQ is in a quick, easy and fun read.The comic has a companion animated version in Series 4 of B:TAS, but this is definitely much more enjoyable.Like I said, though it's really for the HQ fans out there as the base for the modern persona of her.

    5. Based on one of the best of the animated Batman episodes, "Mad Love" tells how Harley Quinn, chief henchwoman and paramour of the Joker, got her warped start. Once, a respected psychiatrist at infamous Arkham Asylum, Dr. Quinn becomes infatuated with her "patient", The Joker", turns her life topsy-turvy, and allies herself with "the clown prince of crime".After falling from The Joker's favor, Quinn plots to capture Batman, the one that she blames for her "rift" with The Joker. Her "solution" t [...]

    6. Wife is a huge Harley Quinn fan and this was one of her dream comics. She absolutely loved opening it for Mother's day!

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