Dave McKean s Cages returns in a beautiful remastered edition Best known for his collaborations with Neil Gaiman, McKean defied expectations with his stunning debut as writer and artist in Cages, winner of the Harvey Award for Best Graphic Album Filled with complex characters, intriguing flights of fancy, and all the beautiful visuals you d expect from the director of MirrorMask, Cages is McKean s magnum opus It chronicles the intersecting lives of a painter, a writer, and a musician living in the same apartment building, and is a profound rumination on art, God, cats, and the cages we build for ourselves Out of print for years, Cages is finally available again, painstakingly rescanned from the original art and redesigned from the ground up by McKean This affordable softcover edition provides readers than ever the opportunity to experience the graphic novel that Terry Gilliam calls mesmerizing.
Cages Dave McKean s Cages returns in a beautiful remastered edition Best known for his collaborations with Neil Gaiman McKean defied expectations with his stunning debut as writer and artist in Cages winn

  • Title: Cages-
  • Author: Dave McKean
  • ISBN: 1595823166
  • Page: 250
  • Format: broch
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    1. If any of you are even familiar with Dave McKean's work you would know that this graphic novel is exceptional. Reason being this one in particular is very personal to him and a manifesto on imagination/creation (from the micro = artistic to the macro = a suggestion or anecdote of how the world came about, that is in no way religious). It's quite slow in the beginning, I had the impression I was reading a film but incredible how he captures the reader.A must read for artists questioning themselve [...]

    2. Un pur chef d’œuvre, à lire absolument. Peut-être un peu difficile d'accès pour les lecteurs de BD franco-belges, un effort à faire.

    3. Il s'agit d'une histoire complète et indépendante de toute autre, écrite et illustrée par Dave McKean, parue à l'origine sous la forme d'une série de 10 comics publiés de 1990 à 1996.L'histoire s'ouvre avec un prologue constitué de 4 récits différents des origines du monde, 4 variations sur la création du monde par Dieu. Il s'agit de textes, illustrés par des compositions graphiques entre peintures et collages.Le récit en bande dessinée commence page 28, avec un chat dont la silho [...]

    4. Il s'agit bien de l'intégral de Cages, le chef-d'oeuvre de Dave McKean, qui vient d'être rééditer. Le précédent commentaire n'a donc plus lieu d'être.N'hésitez donc pas, Cages n'est pas un simple roman graphique, c'est une oeuvre d'art, un essai philosophique, une large réflexion sur la créativité. Dave McKean est des grands artistes du monde de la bd, bizarrement pas si connu en France, qui fut un des premiers à mêler dessins, photos, collages et à utiliser photoshop pour autre ch [...]

    5. I would like to point out that, if you are looking for the complete hardcover Dave Mc Kean's "Cages", this one isn't: it's just "Cages #2", one of the ten original comics. After having been deceived by the title of this page, I tried to change its title, but it seems that are just refusing to be competent concerning this not-well-known and not-much-browsed-for product.Je voudrais juste signaler que cet article, malgré son intitulé imprécis, n'est pas l'édition intégrale de "Cages", mais j [...]

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