Weymouth Laser Installation

weymouth laser installWeymouth high powered multiple laser light installation...7 lasers on the promenade... 15m high on sculptured columns.. are you sure?

Your probably thinking."thats a bit posh for CMT"...well your wrong..we do posh too!

Ok its taken 2 years to get there but finally we have 7 beautiful 8 watt green lasers ready and willing on the Weymouth promenade! Hurrah!

The artistic scheme has been designed by world renowed artists Claire Oboussier and Vong Phaophanit (try pronouncing those two after a glass of the red stuff!) and is funded by the Arts Council alongside Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and forms part of the Cultural Olympiad for the country.

CMT worked alongside the artist's and architects Parsons Brinkerhof to devlop the scheme into a working laser install.  The systems have been customed designed to IP68 and manufactured for harsh environments and let's face it a UK seaside resort is going to be harsh! Am I right?

The installation went live in May 2012 and will run 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the next 10 years. It will be unique for such a high powered installation to be unmanned, so we had our work cut out in ensuring the systems met a stringent safety specification.

We even enticed the Doc (Dr John O'Hagan) from the Health Protection Agency to consult for CMT and comment on our safety case..although he doesnt come out often these days we think he liked the look of this one! 

To date the installation will be the most comprehensive permanent laser installation in the history of man....err..ok, well its the only multiple high powered unmanned laser installation in the UK anyway!

So if sand castles are your thing, grab the bucket and spade and stay in the bay for the night time display.


 So we are 1 year down the road of operation. No laser failures, all systems working to specification.  

Client has now increased the usage from 6 minutes on 6 minutes off to 12 minutes on 2 minutes off and is much happier with more laser output time.  Great!

 Latest Update 

Even with the Force 10 storms Weymouth are experiencing all laser are operating to the clients delight!

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