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CMT was formed in 1998 by three bald blokes Ram Malocca, Tim Fothergill & Gino Malocca with extensive knowledge of the entertainments industry spanning a combined 1 million years.

The main aim initially, was to form a company that could offer advice on the best solution to client's visual requirements, whether it be video, slide, laser or lighting technology and to combine these into one coherent service.

This led to many multi-discipline events for CMT, with our first in 1998, The International Festival of the Sea in Portsmouth , combining video and slide projection alongside laser special effects. Before long CMT were getting involved in other areas including fire and water effects, video production, concept generation and 3d video technology which leads us to where we are today. A technical supply company with a wealth of experience in visual display techniques that is unrivalled in the UK and is enhanced year by year.

Our strength lies in our ability to adapt and interpret our clients' wishes into creative thinking and application of the latest technologies to ensure the right medium puts the right message across in the right place with the greatest impact. Our success is measured by the quantity of repeat business we have experienced over the years and we pride ourselves on satisfied customers and audiences all over the world.

CMT will continue to explore new avenues in technology and software to ensure the visually stunning experience our client's projects require and that their desires are realised to their expectations and beyond.

We are also nice guys to do business with....albeit nearly hairless...