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Ram Malocca, Gino Malocca, Tim Fothergill, Richard Hawkins, laser and av solutions
The Team


Having left jail in 1981, Ram joined Laserpoint and was involved in a wide range of activities in the laser and entertainment industry. Acts such as Cliff Richard, Jean-Michel Jarre and corporate clients like Rover and Imagination felt the rough edge of his insults and put downs. Having completely decimated Laserpoint, Ram then moved on to Spectra Physics, where he was able to take his extreme behaviour, to new heights, and with a new audience of rednecks as the butt of his obscene references and obtuse observations he enjoyed several years in the 'real world'. With the corporate ruins of Spectra smouldering in the background, Ram became a freelance laser specialist and engineer, travelling the world and having serious impact on the stocks of Jack Daniels as far afield as the Middle East, USA and India. Finally the continual arguments over bar bills got the better of him and CMT was formed in order to ease his situation.


Discovered living in a flight case at Laserpoint in the early 1980's, Gino was adopted as the crew mascot, gradually working his way up to Tea boy under the supervision and auspices of his older brother, Gino excelled in areas of procurement, most notably the Fiat flags from the NEC conference. Gino moved in to sales, advising clients on the best and most commission earning solutions to their laser and AV problems, before spreading his wings and flying off to a series of specialized companies working in the laser industry. Eventually, having exhausted both the owners of the companies, and the available receptionists, Gino went freelance. High profile jobs followed each other in quick succession, from the Queen illuminating the Post Office Tower on VE Day, to Frank Bruno's spectacular entrance prior to taking the World Title from Oliver McCall. At last the call of the wild deserted Gino, and along with his brother Ram, they decided it was easier to argue over who was going to pay the bar bills if they owned the company, and CMT was formed


Tim Fothergill Unearthed in the Rock of Gibraltar during a multimedia installation, Tim had never seen the light of day...His near transparent complexion was an obvious bonus when working behind the scenes so Tim was employed immediately by Laserpoint and given a pay rise the following day when his true capacity of criminal associations on a notorious smuggling island were realised. Tim soon returned to England, pursued by the Gibraltar authorities, to take on a permanent position at Laserpoint. Whilst undergoing cosmetic surgery for undocumented "accidents" Tim found himself slipping out of Cambridge one evening, only to reappear at Vari*lite, under a new name. Formally known as Fothers thereafter, Tim quickly became adept in the language of the lighting technician working with Madonna and Pink Floyd to name but a few. Suspicions abounded as to his true identity. The dizzy heights of stardom returned Tim to the laser industry where the world became his veritable oyster. Many high profile jobs ensued around the globe including producing two Bahrain National Day shows and Expo 92 in Seville.


The Richard Recipe: Take one enthusiastic young man, beat ceaselessly at every opportunity (which is a lot), place in a small dark room, equipped only with laser and projection equipment and leave for 4 - 5 years. Periodically take him out and prod gently to see if growth is progressing. When satisfied that budding has occurred, and that growth is acceptable, send the newly formed Richard out into the wide world, stand back and wait for the results. Coming from a laser background Richard fits into the 'CMT' family perfectly, and now specializes in media networking and large scale ambient projections and solutions. Far too much hair though.