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Dreamoc, Building projection, laser effects on stage, laser show, video hologram
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Welcome to our video gallery

 Air France - Laser Cloud Projection

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/8lYn9JYsbHc?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Shakespeare Video mapping and projection with live actors!




Tiger That Came to Tea (shop window hologram gag)





Clifton Bridge Troll video projection mapping








Acer Pavillion lifesize Video Hologram 






Marble Arch 3D Building Projection, Video Mapping, clever techniques




Dreamoc - 3D Point of Sale Video Holgram


BING Building projection around London...on the move...quickly!


The Plea awesome music video shoot - 6 lasers - Director Dan Rutley - 3 bald laser blokes


Sony BluRay television advert - 28 lasers, 6 laser crew, 4 wolves, many many hours!


Drink Aware - Laser Building Projection


Kylie - Laser Special Effects on stage


Lexus TV commercial - Video Building Projection on the move..at speeeedddd!!!


Lost Prophets laser stage effects 3 x 40 watt Yag on stage!


Jodrell Bank (be patient, this is a big one!) Building projection, laser effects, lighting


X FACTOR White light lasers effects on stage


Virgin - 3D Video Hologram


Orange Monkey Video Hologram's.. Pixie Lott


Prodigy MK Bowl - 9 lasers, much fun, video by audience member


Orange Video Hologram build Bristol....the music say's it all


Dreamoc 3D Video hologram display with clever Coke bottle footage


 Alton Towers - Laser Effects, Fire, Water


Glenfiddich - Laser Projection, Water screen


Faithless - Laser Show Effects


Reebok Rhythm of Lite - Laser show effects