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dreamoc HD Dreamoc in all its various guises...just keeps getting better!

Dreamoc Scandinavia XXL is the latest incarnation of the now legendary Dreamoc display devices.  This latest incarnation is a totally 360 degree walk round display of huge proportions. 


Based on a 4 projector rig housed in the lid this Dreamoc Scandinavia XXL will offer huge video holograms at very high brightness.


All Dreamoc products give your product the competitive edge in today’s highly competitive retail market.

The Dreamoc has already proven its groundbreaking capability for it's “Stop and Wonder” effect in retail shops, airports, at exhibitions, shows, events and any other place where consumer attention is wanted.

Now we have improved the Dreamoc with stunning new features, making it even more impressive.

The Dreamoc range from RealFiction is a unique 3D display unit, that conveys compelling product messages that consumers just canʼt ignore. Dreamoc provides a dazzling combination of holographic-like, free floating video images, with the display of the physical product.

These images can be fully customized to fit your branding and colour. Make your product stand out from the crowd with the powerful and eye-catching Dreamoc display.  


  • Visually stunning product display 
  • Generates "Stop and Wonder" effect
  • Combines holographic 3D content with physical products 
  • Superior exposure and branding 
  • High reliability and long lifetime 
  • "Plug and Play" easy setup (some models are more involved)
  • Remote Internet access for uploading of new content
  • Can be customized with RAL colors

New Features in the Dreamoc HD:

  • Slimmer and more elegant design
  • Full HD resolution
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Built-in sound
  • Reduced power consumption


  • Can be produced in customized colors within the RAL scale
  • Black inlay/bottom plate
  • Button-box for interactivity
  • PIR sensor, movement sensor
  • Two choices of stands
  • Flightcase for safer and repeated transport 

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