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Latest projects

2013 was a strange year..no massive projects like 2012, but we accomplished some clever stuff...shooting cars with Giles Revell which was a blast, here in the UK and in Turin, home of flying mini's (italian job)...lots of lasers on the shoot, lovely team of people.

We provided specialist laser animations and effects to the O2 for the Bells at Midnight on NYE followed by Prodigy's set as the headline act, with the infamous Andy Hurst LD...we got to do sfx for the Prodigy show as well....great night had by thousands!

We mapped Shakespeare's old gaff in Stratford Upon Avon for the whole of December and brought the local shopkeepers something to smile about as the crowds just kept on coming.

We did a shop window hologram gag of a Tiger with our friends at Taxi Studio, which was no mean feat fighting with lighting problems and space issues...but it looked fantastic! 

Once again we found ourselves at Alton Towers for yet another firework and laser spectacular with more laser power than ever before....4 x 35w full colour lasers...we lit it up! Possibly the best yet was the verdict..

hmmm what else....

Oh yeah, we did lasers at a couple of big festies....Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party...we do love a good festival.

We also projected some very big pictures at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Dartmouth Naval College, Rochester Festival and many others...even some beautiful poppy images during the remembrance events around the country.

Tis a varied life we lead and we love it!





The Dreamoc range of display's continues to grow.

Dreamoc XL2....the latest in 3D Volumetric display technology.  Its bigger than ever before and is based on a 46" HD LCD screen...you can get a full size bottle of spirit in it and interact with it with CGI footage...just watch out for the tramps...once they get a sniff!