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Lasers and Projections to Create Special Effects

As little as a few years ago, the most spectacular way to create special effects for a show or special occasion was by the use of fireworks. As advanced as the art of pyrotechnics has become, in terms of value for money, it has now been overtaken by the use of lasers and large scale projections.


The use of lasers is becoming increasingly prevalent at New Year's celebrations around the world. Not only do they look breath-taking, but they can also be choreographed to music for even more of a "wow" effect. Surprisingly affordable, and undoubtedly safer than fireworks, they can even be used indoors. The beams can be bounced off mirrors or swirled through artificial smoke for even more dramatic effects. Their use in rock concerts first emerged in the 1970's with the likes of The Who, Led Zeppelin and the Electric Light Orchestra.

Large Scale Projections

The use of large scale projections has become more evident, suitable for even the grandest of occasions. One particularly notable example is that of Buckingham Palace, the Queen's residence in the UK, being entirely covered by a rain forest projection. This was part of a worldwide initiative to highlight conservation. However, smaller buildings can also be easily transformed, even if the projection is only on one outer wall.

Whatever the occasion, large or small, having a laser show to end the evening, or a large scale projection to amaze the guests, is definitely an emerging trend. It is also a great way to publicise content similar to the one available here, by showing previews with laser projections, inciting people to try out this new additions.